INGENIOUS, INNOVATION ,INTEGRITY, IMPECCABLE and INVISIBLE is our 5I principle which drives and defines us. We vision ourselves to see as leaders of tomorrow by our continuous dedication and spirit to work for the global clients

Our CODE OF CONDUCT involves serving our valuable customers with the world-class solutions for their requirements ,not only selling the products to develop and evaluate the sources for the cost effective solution for the specific product requirements while keeping quality standard matches with the high benchmarks. It is very important to incorporate the desired attributes in the business like

  • cost-effective solution
  • best quality opportunity to be more innovative advanced supplier
  • speedy work and timely delivery
  • more focus on the core activities

To meet the global demand we take care at every stage right from Raw Material purchased to finished goods. The quality assurance team is trained and well experienced. We have a lab area with modern equipment like profile projectors, surface testers etc. We have a separate department for final inspection.

Support Third World Artisans

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